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Classic Rock Tribute Act from East Anglia

I consider myself extremely lucky to have been born in the 60s. That meant by the time I developed a musical interest the 70s had well and truly started, and what a decade to  start with. Everything from Glam Rock, Hard Rock, Disco, Punk Rock, and Heavy Metal were all there and so my musical tastes were shaped.

I don't come from a great musical family and nobody seems to know where my urge to play guitar came from. All I know is that from as young as I can remember I had a determination to learn and had my first acoustic guitar bought for me when I was about 12. I had 6 or 7 lessons from an old hippy that taught me the basics and from there on I listened to my favourite music learning the songs by ear.

Next logical step was a schoolboy band playing various covers and our own songs and even though we were in reality probably pretty awful, we enjoyed it and the lessons learnt set me in good stead. Several more bands followed with line-up changes so regular that Spinal Tap would have been proud.

A semi-serious attempt to "make it" in the late 80s / early 90s never came to anything although it was a pretty prolific time for my song writing. For those interested my own songs
under my real name are available for listening and download  here .
One anetdote from that period happened as we were recording a demo at the now defunct Copdock Studios near Ipswich. As we were arriving early one Saturday morning we were chatting to a band that had just finished an all night session. When they had left the engineer told me they would be the "next big thing", I of course corrected him and told him we were the next big thing. He told us the name of the band which didn't mean anything to us at the time, in fact we forgot all about the whole meeting until "There's no othey way" made it's mark on the charts and suddenly the name "Blur" had meaning.
When we realised that we weren't going to make a living from our music we became more of a covers band although we did still perform many of our own songs which were well received. Around the same time the band was reaching the end of it's natural life I started to get more interested in the whole recording process and slowly but surely built up my own home studio which is where most of my musical efforts have been for the last few years. Playing in a band was getting more difficult because of work comittments and eventually the studio took over even to the point where my guitar playing was coming second to my song writing and studio engineering exploits.I learned to play piano well enough to write and record  and then drums well enough to get some basic beats recorded. The hankering to play live again was always there though.

The idea for "Rocking ROB" first came to me a couple of years ago while on a camping holiday in Dorset. In one of those campsite club houses there was nightly entertainment, one of which was a guy in a wig with a guitar, amp, MIDI sequencer and a PA system. He was playing rock covers that went down a storm with young and old alike and so the idea was planted.
I still had most of the equipment from my band playing days, the only problem I had was sequencing music that sounded realistic enough for me to be happy with it. Then purely by chance a new studio synthesizer purchase turned out to have the capability of playing back MIDI files from a USB stick and Rockin' ROB was in business. For anyone who is a little unsure of listening to MIDI files, I'd say two things. Firstly you already do on just about every modern day recording, and secondly listen to me with your eyes closed and then tell me you can tell it's not a full band playing. Today's technology is incredible and I make as much use of it as I can. Click here if you are interested in my set-up.

If you live in Norfolk, Suffolk, or Cambs and can catch me playing live, I'm sure you won't be dissapointed. I'm slowly getting gigs arranged and you can find more info on them here.

Document made with Nvu Karl Rose, 2009